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This Dogged World #haibun #npm17 #napowrimo

How can anyone not see the origin of Angry Birds? All that’s missing is the catapults. The dogs anticipate our aggrieved, avian friends. The rabbits prefigure their familiar, detestable swine.

Delightful. And yet, we have known since Medieval times. The crown dog watches the pups storm the tower from the safety of his royal tent. They will whimper and die at his pleasure. All for a tower of rabbits.

Have we always known that our young bleed for their elder’s greed?

dropped envelop

from a form condolence

blood moon



(Poet’s note: the NaPoWriMo day 24 prompt is to write an ekphrasis based on Marginalia from Medieval manuscripts. This one is from the Breviary of Renaud de Bar 



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