#Haikai Challenge 4 (10/21/17): darkness #haiku #haibun #senryu #tanka

Congratulations to Qbit (twice!), RevivedWriter (also twice!), and Jilly for participating in last week’s challenge.

On to this week’s!

It’s late October. The days shorten.  So what better kigo (seasonal reference) could there be than darkness? Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a haikai poem that uses, or alludes to, darkness.

Here’s how the challenge works:
1. Write a haikai poem (haiku, Tanka, senryu, haibun, or related form)
2. Ping-back to the Challenge by placing a link to it in your post.
3. Comment with a link to your post.

Enjoy! And light a candle rather than curse! 😉

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