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稲美里佳の短歌:Tanka by Rika Inami (10)

#Haiku Happenings #5: Akita International Haiku Network presents 10 Tanka by Rika Inami!

Akita International Haiku Network

※ 写真は秋田県仙北市刺巻湿原の水芭蕉群生地で撮りました。

About the photo, it is Mizubasho, which is called Skunk Cabbage in English.

I use its Japanese name, Mizubasho.  I took the photo at Sashimaki Moor Mizubasho Colony, Senboku City, Akita, Japan.

※ 秋田県仙北市刺巻湿原では水芭蕉の他にザゼンソウも咲いていました。



Zazenso is also blooming in Sashimaki Moor Mizubasho Colony, Senboku City, Akita , Japan. Zazenso’s English name is Eastern Skunk Cabbage. Japanese name Zazenso is from Zazen, which is a Buddhism’s word and the form of meditation. It is said that the flower form is like Zazen.   When coming out, it has fever and melts snow around it. Another name is Daruma-so, which is from a Buddhist priest Daruma.


The photo is today’s cherry tree April 16th. Hiwairo is one of  Japanese traditional colors and it is from the color of the bird Siskin’s feather.


At last cherry trees start blooming on April 20th. 2018

※ 写真は秋田県横手市の横手公園の桜まつりです。



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