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Pre-Smuggs Insomnia: an .@ImageCurve #haibun


It’s a quarter to one in the morning. Cricket songs, and the ever-present drone of Thruway traffic, pass through our open bedroom windows. We’ll be on our way to Smuggler’s Notch in a few more hours.

I should be asleep. My fingers caressed and massaged Mira’s back earlier in the evening. The intimacy that followed…I should have slept through the night afterward.

But I haven’t.

“What if?” arises again, and again. Knotted energy surrounds thoughts of work. My old failures become new ones, again and again.

Only I’m not at work. I’m in my bed at home. Listening to crickets and traffic.

Too early
To see leaves falling



First published by Image Curve, August 20, 2015

photograph by Adam Excell



For dVerse Poets Pub The Sounds of Koorogi, Cricket-dVerse Haibun Monday (guest pubtended by Victoria D. Slotto).

She asks us to write a haibun using the kigo Koorogi (Cricket). How auspicious, then, that this haibun–about the night before a vacation to our time-share in Smugglers Notch in Vermont–appeared in Image Curve three years ago today!



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  1. I love this. The inclusion of the moments of intimacy, the all too familiar work worries, the promises of nature–these speak to me about the cricket. And I like the circular effect of the beginning and end…listening to crickets and traffic.

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  2. Sounds as if some time off at Smuggler’s Notch is indicated! I’m retired now, but I well remember lying in bed replaying events of a stressful day. Enjoy your time at the Notch! It IS too early to see leaves falling. Hope for a long autumn!


  3. A teacher is like an artist…. his work is never quite good enough to satisfy himself. Past failures are gone like the spooks on Halloween that come back from time to time to scare us. I’ve been there and done that!

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  4. I know that feeling, Frank, lying in bed and listening to past-midnight traffic. Sometimes I miss it in the silence of the North Norfolk countryside. I like the way the cricket songs and the ‘ever-present drone of Thruway traffic’ blend and tickle the mind. I have no idea where Smuggler’s Notch is but I’d love to go there with a name like that!

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  5. I’m reading this now because I should be sleeping 😉 Thanks for a lovely haibun to read while my thoughts of son beginning university and grandkids beginning school awoke me too early.

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