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monarch flying free ~ soliloquy no renga

#Haiku Happenings #8: Ken’s latest #junicho for Carpe Diem!


Well into retirement, my life took a new direction when I moved half-way across the country to be with someone special. Perhaps that is reflected in my response to the challenge for Carpe Diem #1519 Junicho, the twelve stanza renga (Soliloquy No Renga), which is to write a solo renga. Junicho have stanzas of winter (one), summer (one), spring (two), autumn (two)– with no set seasonal progression – and non-season (six). Junicho also have a single blossomstanza and a single moon stanza (any season for both). “Love” is represented by a pair or so of stanzas, in any position. A traditional Junicho opens with the season in which its composition takes place, autumn here. I’ve attempted to keep a “closed chain,” last stanza leading back to the first.

monarch flying free_1monarch flying free
in search of new memories
above turning leaves

light found by…

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