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#Haiku Happenings #4: Merril’s latest #haibun for Colleen’s #weekly #tanka #poetry challenge!

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings

Theresienstadt Tree Sapling from the Theresienstadt Tree, Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial Plaza

I walk through the triangular plaza, this memorial to those known and unknown; those who survived, and those who perished because of hate. It is the little tree I focus on. It’s small but carries a mighty legacy of survival. I think of the children who tended its progenitor with such dedication, knowing that they themselves would most likely perish. I consider those children then, and all the children now fleeing from horror or living in war zones. In the words of a woman who survived hate, who survived a hell, I hear an invocation. “Hate is a terrible thing,” she says. And I think we must never forget: hate only nourishes more hate, but kindness makes both people and trees grow.

Ghosts walk among us

whisper through buried ashes

brave saplings rise up

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This Haibun is for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday.

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