November 11, 2012: a #TBT .@ImageCurve #Haibun

We make it to the Veteran’s Day concert at West Point. The storied USMA band plays melodies dating back to “Chester”, the most popular drum and piper tune during the Revolutionary War.

The music charms, the slideshow entertains, but where are the Jazz Knights?

Then I hear Big Band music from the World War II era. Halfway through Glen Miller’s “In the Mood,” I realize that the conductor is gone. A guitarist and Jazz trumpet soloist join the horns and strings already playing. Half of the band listens with their instruments on their lap.

There are the Jazz Knights I wanted to see! Playing on stage with the band, all along! Playing alone, at last!

another birthday
the melody of clarinet
and trumpet lines


Photo by Josh Rocklage


first published in Image Curve, November 29, 2018


for dVerse Poets Open Link Night #233 (pubtended by Mish)

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