The Heart of Majesty

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Not the tallest. Nor the steepest.

But what other mountain so captures the culture of a people?

What other embodies a nation?

Or inspires so many poets’ tears?

cold carp

the nevermelting snow

atop Mt. Fuji

Will I ever see you

face to face?

for dVerse Poets’ Quadrille #72 (pubtended by Mish). She invites us to include any variation of the word steep in a poem not exceeding 44 words (not including the title). Come join us!

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  1. I like the question at the end of this. Fuji is indeed spectacular. I think of Hokusai’s different views of Fuji. I saw the full exhibit in DC during the Sarkura Matsuri several years ago. the old carp….bless his heart as we say down South.

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  2. many writers and poets write about this famous mount, my favourite was from a book, “Street of A Thousand Blossoms”your poem made me think of the author’s description of her homeland and the majesty of the mountain.

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  3. Fun! Seems we were both Boy Scouts, and I have climbed (partially) Mt. Fuji and had an acquaintence die there (exposure after breaking an ankle). Oh how we can idealize, but ’tis a beauty for us. Well done.

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  4. This was wonderful Frank. Great choice of inspirational focus for this prompt. Take me along if you go. I love Japanese minimalism – its grace and dignity. I keep a copy of the Tao Te Ching on my studio desk, reading a page or two from time to time. I love the wisdom in its simple logic. Great when my western head gets too crowded. But I fear at 72 I will never see he land o the rising sun…

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