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Haibun Monday – That Picnic

#Haiku Happenings #6: Gina’s latest #haibun for #DversePoets!


Nostalgic picnics on the weekend with the family. Mum packed the food; in a rattan hamper, lined with a satiny blue cloth, it had special compartments and loops for plates and cutlery. Dad drove the car; heading to the beach or waterfalls, a picnic was not complete without that hamper.

breeze-kissed youthful skin

touching the sky with memories

sighing on green grass


Our theme for this week’s haibun is picnic!  Share with us a memory from a picnic – your haibun must not be fictional but a real experience!

A picnic does not have to be only outdoors, my kids and I have had indoor picnics on rainy days, when blankets became soft grass, when we ate sandwiches for dinner and drank sweet fizzy drinks to wash down crisps and cookies, picnic food eaten indoors, picnic style! We’d lie on the floor looking up at the ceiling and describe…

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