Smuggs Chronicle ’14: Interlude II: Meditation moment this morning (an .@ImageCurve #Haibun)

Tightness in my throat. Remembering Mrs. Zengo’s confused disappointment. How hurt those brown eyes in that wrinkly forehead that creased with her frown. How sorry I felt—and unforgiven—until she realized I brought in an egg for another student’s recipe. I had overheard their conversation and mistakenly thought I needed to bring in that hard-boiled egg.

A voice crying to be heard? Or an endless criticism that can surely be silenced?

Restless moment
the choice to return to the next breath

glass of cold water
classical music and these
stirring breezes

Photo by Bekir Dönmez

first published in Image Curve, May 16, 2019

for Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform: Going Buggy (imagined by Rommy)

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  1. Teachers should expect the unexpected rather than being cross and unsympathetic. Sadly some forget they are teaching developing minds and should be sparing with their criticism but full of encouragement.

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