First Guitar, our Latest Decoration: a #quadrille #haibun for #dversepoets

The ESP shines in the corner.

When I first received that high school graduation present, I could not put it down. I routinely played Pentatonic scales, jazz fusion riffs and blues chord progressions in the basement. How many nights did I play Led Zepplin’s Black Dog or Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here?” How many of my own melodies and solos did I perform for myself? I even jammed a few times with two unlikely musicians in my college dorm during freshman year.

Now, it catches the lamplight on each rounded claw of its sunburst cherry body. Its smooth frets hold a layer of fine dust. It stands in the corner of our family room, another item of our home décor.

Reminding me of all the songs I never played—even before the pickups failed.

six-peg silhouette

the faintest echo of

a solitary strum

for dVerse Poets’ Quadrille #82 – Fretboard of Poetry (pubtended by Kim Russell). I may be a day late, but the Pub is still open! Come join us!

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  1. I got here, finally, Frank, and yes – we are on the same wavelength this week! The only differences are that mine was a classical guitar and I played mostly classical music and you were electric and mostly jazz and blues; you still have your guitar and I regret giving mine away. I love the haiku!

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