A Moment of Mindful Movement: a #tankaprose

Photo by Secret Garden on Pexels.com

Bloodshed in three states in a week. Over twenty-nine dead in two cities within twenty-four hours. Three mass-shooters: only one alive and under arrest.

The arguments begin. The ones that insist military-grade weaponry belong with the military versus the ones screaming, “Don’t touch my guns!” A President of the United States that tweets “It’s the media’s fault,” before he addresses the nation to stiffly condemn white nationalism. An address he ends by saying “God Bless Toledo,” an Ohio city over 650 miles away from Dayton.

The strain of this. The to-do lists that creep up, even in the summer. Aching arms from lawn work. That sense of over-vigilance, of waiting for the next round to fall.

Amidst the storm, an island of calm in the backyard. Movement by movement, the yang style long form unfolds. Step by shifting-weighted step, stillness arises. Cicadas sing. The neighbors dog barks, whimpers, barks again. Two wind chime sounds as maple leaves flutter and branches sway.

a small, still voice, deep within, keeps whispering. This time, I may hear it.

I may listen.

declining sun

and while this day passes

a rose bouquet fades

still the water is clear

when it settles at last

for dVerse poets’ Poetics: Purifying the Mind (pubtended by Linda Lee Lyberg). The Pub is open! Come join us!

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 139 #Poet’sChoice

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  1. Incredible, powerful, rife with pathos, and bang on. Since 2002 there have, in USA, 280 mass shootings with 900 people killed, like having the Oklahoma bombing & the Texas tower shootings in the same week.

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  2. The man’s callousness and ineptitude is on display daily, but witnessing it at a time like this is even more disturbing. A deep breath and appreciation for nature will go a long way in the moment.

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  3. Powerful message – I join you in listening. We are lucky here in Canada that we don’t have or are allowed to carry guns – only people in uniform. These are scary times.

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  4. Powerful and moving prose, Frank! I too, struggle daily trying to force out the horror of what our world has become. Your Tanka is a meditation on finding the strength to let that horror go and live in a peaceful moment. Wow. This is so very good. ❤

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