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Haibun 199

#Haiku Happenings #1 (11/16/19): Michael Rehling’s #haibun #199!

Michael Rehling

blue eyed soul

when you are born in detroit you join a club. it is a lifetime membership. no matter where you are you are a big ‘D’ boy. now older but no wiser i still have the invisible badge of that tattoo. after hours jazz. seedy movie houses and places where they have a dozen locks on the doors. but it is home somehow.

past midnight
the police light up cars
for no reason

my neighbor was a cop in the city. they raided an ‘after hours’ place. when they did that almost every time the evidence and cash came up short. this time it was no different and as he was taking two cases of scotch and bourbon down the stairs to this squad car he was juggling them and in one hand was his gun. you guessed it. he shot off his toe. well the booze crashed…

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