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#Haikai Challenge #122: The Dream

Haiku Happenings #3: Jade Li’s latest haiku for my current #haikai challenge!

Tao Talk

Image result for rainbow lollipops

Rainbow lollypops —
each one licked by a pink tongue –
small hands, many hues

Image result for rocking chairs on porch

Grandmothers rocking
watching their grandbabies play
long summer sunshine

Image result for interracial arms

My warm arm rests
next to your warm arm, at peace –
love is colorblind

Image result for race checkbox

Race checkbox erased
demographics refashioned
This dream can come true

Image result for apocalypse

Will the last humans
Still fuss about us and them?
Silly notion, eh?

Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says:
This week, commemorate the Dream in a haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.)

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