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稲美里佳の短歌:Tanka by Rika Inami (35)

#Haiku Happenings #8: Hidenori Hiruta presents #tanka by Rika Inami!

Akita International Haiku Network

2020年7月 短歌

July 2020, Tanka

All rights reserved ©Rika Inami 稲美 里佳


鈴なりの花びらにほふ桐の花 空にやさしき夢鳥やすむ


full of flowering 

and fragrant…

a dream-bird tender to

air alights on it

  • Dream-bird means Phoenix. It is said that Phoenix alights on the paulownia-tree. / 夢鳥は鳳凰を指します。鳳凰は桐の木にとまると言われています。



pedalling their bikes…

how far are the villages

they come from?

junior high students

on the way to school


近隣の5キロ圏内 熊出没とふアラーム三度けふ鳴る


here, within 5 km

from me…

the haunting bear alarm

sounded three times


寺くれし鈴の守りつけ朝散歩 熊除け鈴は森に響きて

morning walk–

the bell charm

given by a temple

to avoid bears

resonates in the forest



is it

serendipity shining out of


mulberry ripens

jet black 

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