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nd 12.23 (69 & 70) Damned Family 10 p – Jules Pens Some Gems…

Haiku Happenings #1 (12/24/20): Jules’ latest two #haibun for my current #Haikai Challenge!

Damned Family (Stan Sinks, Then Swims) (haibun with haiku)

Stan sat in his comfortable office chair. Pondering how many Veteran’s Days had been warmed by Indian Summers. Those who could now celebrate thanksgiving everyday because they were free. But what was the cost? Scarecrow was gone. Was it any particular full moon, a Blue Hunter’s, Beaver, or any other full moon that had put that agent so on edge that life became meaningless? Odd how the weather could affect one’s moods.

sea bass know not of

withering winds only of

clean ocean currents

Stan reread the words Norman had written to read as brief eulogy for his brother…

—– (70) Damned Family (Stan Looks for Silver Linings) (pi ku with haibun)

…silver path


moonglade; please heal

Stan had made sure that all the holidays were represented in his hotels. Even though it was still early he thought about Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Retail always had to think ahead. When would the time come that he could retire? Sometimes darkness crept into the light and shadows threatened to take all the joy from life. Then Stan thought of Jesse and the promise she held of hope the woman held. If Jesse could get to Mae there was a chance to save two more young people. They could choose different paths…


nd 12.23 (69 & 70) Damned Family 10 p – Jules Pens Some Gems…

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    • Thanks for reading Al. This is a set of an ongoing series. In a nut shell several families are tied up in clandestine spy type activities. (‘Uncle Stan’ is a family friend of Jesses folks…) Jesse is trying to meet up with Mae who she believes to be related to her ex, to hopefully reunite with him. I try to make all the 99 word segments readable on their own.

      When any life is lost for what ever reason it can be tragic. Jesse’s Ex lost his twin… the how and why to that death is still part of the mystery.

      Here’s to a happy new year which might lead to a happy ending for these families and all of us as well.

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