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Haiku # 701

#Haiku Happenings #5: Pierre Mhanna’s haiku #701!

Rooted in Love

one leaf then another
falls in the wind

ورقة ثم أخرى
تقع في الريح


through the woods I take
the long way home


you’ll find my heart buried
in a pile of yellow leaves


I breathe her in
as though her skin
is the light of the moon


Autumn evening
my thoughts drifting
with the passing clouds


Deep in the forest
I find my heart still
like the air and leaves


Forever is just a word
between us
and the moon


الخريفُ يبدأ
برائحةِ الأرض أُعَطَّر
زوايا روحي


هو يحب النساء اللواتي
يعرفن كيف يتحولن إلى شعر
بين يديه

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