Day: November 1, 2022

“a glance…” a #tanka (11/1/22)

11/1/22: glance a glance of the last glint of sunlight echoes of prayers on All Saints Day #tanka#micropoetry#poetry

November 2022

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can you be presentcan presence beeverywhere caneverywhere bepresent, waiting opening the mindthe mind breakingdown unscared openingthe mind breakingwide open, unscared silent with lifelife listened toin silence filled withpresence listeningto life with silence A quadrille for November and dVerse, hosted by De, where…

Tanka Tuesday 296

Originally posted on Tao Talk:
painting by Ichiro Tsuruta 鶴田-郎, 1954 Her face a white mask, stone jewels her guardians; carnellian lips her invitation; a portal each escapes into — doom’s dissonant stay. The form is Gogyohka. The poem is directly inspired by Kerfe’s artwork and poetry based…