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#monoku Monday #2: Creak…a dVerse Poets Pub #Quadrille #Monday #haibun special

Creak stairs under footsteps floorboards of the worn front deck the opening front door   our screams at the pale face dripping blood from red-stained fangs coming through the door   The accented “good evening” before he fills my pumpkin case   creak     feet scampering   […]

A #RhymeRoyal poetic #haibun

Frank Hubeny at dVerse challenges us to write a Chaucerian stanza or Rhyme Royal. This form employs a rhyme scheme of ababbcc, written in (usually) iambic pentameter metric lines (seven) in up to three stanzas. But I write haikai. What to do? Go poetic in the prose-poem, and […]