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An Olfactory Ode to Lasagna

The salivating aroma of melting cheese. The tang in the air from bubbling marinara sauce. Oh, savor the scented steam as a glass platter lies upon the table, offering that perfect feast for a rainy day! droplets on an unused barbeque— the first bite


After the last word of the last book of the series: desolation. Even with a greening yard and a young weekend, a despondance at the dirth of story. A whirlwind of “shoulds” impact with the force of a cacophonous greek choir that won’t stop! Sometimes, an aesthetic for […]

Foolish Bodily Inquiries

She asks me how my knees are. It’s a loaded question, and we both know it. She saw me struggle to my feet multiple times last fall. There is the inevitable grunt that follows the creaking of 51-year-old knees that have touched the floor over a 26- year […]