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Frank J. Tassone

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Lawnwork Aftermath: a #tankaprose

The new weed-wacker hums with the efficiencey of a new instrument. The overgrown weeds, along the edges of the cinder blocks bordering the garden, fall before it’s spinning plastic tabs. I squeeze the trigger and slowly step side-to-side. The weed-wacker slices more weeds effortlessly. The backyard, side, and […]

Today’s Haiku (May 30, 2020)

Originally posted on Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi):
夕立の初めの粒の大きかり  辻 桂湖 yûdachi no hajime no tsubu no ôkikari             initial drops             of an evening shower             I find them big                                                 Keiko Tsuji from ‘Haidan,’ (‘Haiku Stage’) a monthly haiku magazine, October 2016 Issue, Honami Shoten, Tokyo…