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Frank J. Tassone

Husband, Father, Writer, Teacher. American Haijin. Because Haikai matters!

My Daily #Haiku (5/23/23)

5/23/23: scale Morning glories a disappointing result from the scale #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

World Haiku Series 2022 (46) Haiku by Hifsa Ashraf

Originally posted on Akita International Haiku Network:
Haiku by Hifsa Ashraf peacock flower—I still am a motherof the unborn child #FemKuMag issue 34 鳳凰木 — 私はまだ胎児の母親 —— autumn leavesraking to and frohis last words Presence, #73 紅葉 あちこちで彼の最後の言葉掻き集める —— sunlit dewdropson the grassy fieldchild’s first poem 太陽に照らされた露のしずく 芝生のフィールドに…

Today’s Haiku (May 23, 2023)

Originally posted on Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi):
夜のシャワー俺が捕つたら勝つてゐた  黒岩徳将 yo no shawaa ore ga tottara katteita ??????????? night shower ??????????? our team would have won ??????????? if I caught that ball ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Tokumasa Kuroiwa from Haiku Shiki (Haiku Four Seasons), February 2019 Issue, Tokyo Shiki Shuppan,…

Domestic Memory

An apple tree with a shorn trunk, making for a convenient step. The climbs up to it’s largest branch, and the hours spent imagining adventures. childhood dreams… all those eternal summer days The boxes filled with books, toys, and sentimentals. A new bedroom to call my own. childhood […]