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weird laburnum

Weird haiku. Modern haiku. New haiku. Western haiku. Gendai haiku. Short form. Minimalism. And beyond. [submissions: ma.obrien222@gmail.com] (only acceptance emails will be sent)

AAEX (Art As Exchange)

Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland

Myths of the Mirror

Life is make believe, fantasy given form


An Attempt to Free an American Soul from Materialism

Trish Hopkinson

A selfish poet

Thru Violet's Lentz

My view, tho' somewhat askew...

Jules Pens Some Gems...

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Intellectual Shaman

Poetry for Finding Meaning in the Madness

Brangien Illuminated

I am Brangien [Brangaine] of Weisefort, Ireland, lady-in-waiting to my cousin Isolde, who became promised to King Marc of Cornwall. His nephew Tristan escorted us to England by ship. But Tristan and Isolde fell in love at sea. As ye may know, or will find out, they cite the philter they drank as the cause, over which I was supposed to keep vigil. I would like to share my perspective of how I have created good in the world through my herbs and observations. There is much to tell, including how I have adopted this odd language. In good time. My life is in God’s hands. –Inspired by the modern French translations of the Tristan and Isolde texts

Abandoned Amenities


Edge of Life

Live. Love. Fly.

Cat Nap Revue

Copyright 2019 Bruce Jewett

Mark M. Redfearn

Poems and Pieces


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Searching for Serendipity

Haiku Poetry & Nature Photography by Alec (Al) W. Gallia

The Dark Netizen

Short Stories - Mostly dark ones!