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An Ekphrastic Correspondence

Oh, Alisaka, That I could rise to the heights of your cranes. But I am earthbound, and my words can only marvel at your deft brushstrokes. mountain mists fledglings at their mother’s side for so many years this relic of college days still hanging for dVerse Poets’ Quadrille […]


I sketch the impressions that even now fade away. A night sky, a street filled with teens partying, cavourting, fighting. They close around me, and I just manage to break away. Another street, with darkened brownstones, and commercial buildings in the distance. I walk with someone I call […]

#Haikai Challenge #82 (4/21/19): Easter Lily #haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga

Welcome back from your moon gazing, haijin! Congratulations to last week’s contributors: Haikai Challenge Participants 1. Tessa2. Dwight L. Roth3. Ennle Madresan4. The Dark Netizen5. Jane Dougherty 6. Deborah7. Suzanne8. Jules9. Violet10. Helene Vaillant 11. Pat R12. Frank J. Tassone13. Janice Powered by… Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets. Ultreya! […]