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poetry a heart-carving with language a son’s tears the weight of my hand on his shoulder this language so useless as salve for shattered hope yet starlight an illumination in the dark & memory a torch against forgetting inspired by Makoto Ooka’s Poezie, courtesy of Poetry International Day […]

Absurd depositions

Sometimes, you just have to say it: A laugh about fighting in shadeand then an unholy shout.Assured to leave death delayed,a laugh about fighting in shade.No reason to put on a pout:how would that even persuadeA laugh about fighting in shadeand then an unholy shout? Other times, you […]

Not Words

faithless words betraying whatever they name like cowardice sliding off the brave man and woman across an open field life’s water their closed eyes turned away as words condemn them a reverse poem of Jane Hirschfield’s words Day 3 of

Sophiac Psalms

A hoot in the dark, aloft on silent wings, a wisdom unheeded Ever flowing a meandering way, ever yielding and always overcoming In a tumultuous world, always chasing in every direction, how not A crackling roar splitting the sky of our complacency A haunting melody whose poignant lyrics […]