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“sunset…” a #jisey (11/19/20)

sunset and still, my ripples entertwine yours after this dragon-ride the ecstasy of rest I hosting over at dVerse, where we write Jisei (Japanese Death Poems). The pub is open! Come join us!

Halloween in the time COVID

The air chills. The last twilight bows before night. The black clouds drift before the Hunter’s moon. There should be children out. Trick or treating. Parading up and down the street in their meme costumes. But only one walks the road, dressed as the Red Death. The unmitigated […]

Mindful Moongazing

There is a story of a thief and a zen master. The thief breaks into the master’s home to rob him, only to discover that the master owns nothing. Seeing the thief has worked hard for nothing, the zen master gives the thief the clothes off his back. […]