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PSA: #Haikai Journals Open for Submissions

GregS on Twitter: “#haiku & micropoetry mags that reopen to submissions tomorrow (10/1): – Akitsu Quarterly – bottle rockets – Drifting Sands – Echidna Tracks – kontinuum – Narrow Road – Otoroshi – Poetry Pea – Sonic Boom – Stardust Haiku – Trash Panda – Triya – Whiptail […]


I’m sorry. You deserved better than for me to disappear without a word. I did not intend to ghost you, but that is what I did. I understand if you have moved on. There’s no sense in awaiting new content when it has not come in almost three […]

In Absentia Ponderings

A sweltering heat arises. The muffled hum of window-unit air conditioners from other classrooms penetrates the relative silence of the one in which I currently sit. Lights and AC off: I have need of neither, yet. The intricacies of this profound writer’s block continue to challenge me. True, […]