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Domestic Memory

An apple tree with a shorn trunk, making for a convenient step. The climbs up to it’s largest branch, and the hours spent imagining adventures. childhood dreams… all those eternal summer days The boxes filled with books, toys, and sentimentals. A new bedroom to call my own. childhood […]

Performative Perfection

Poet after poet takes the stage. Each poem, alive in the unique telling of its writer, their cadances conveying their singular vitality. Our heartfelt applause for each one thunders in the cavernous Prudential Hall. Ah, how long until I can partake of all four days of the Dodge […]

A Jaded View

With all due respect, Doctor Williams, is it as simple as you say? Honestly, in my humble opinion, it’s more like: depending on  a beat-up  oldsmobile it’s flawed  gas-gauge reading full, while empty Of course, you do you… white chickens pecking the last of the feed neglected beside […]