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A Blossoming Hope

An early peak of cherry blossoms in Washington DC this year, and who came to see it? Some did, risking their own health (and that of others’), to witness the blooms. The rest of us see only the photos. Is that enough? Outside my window, a blanket of […]

Technical Difficulties: a #writephoto #haibun

I had a lead on today’s assignment grading, until Frank brought me his replacement phone. “It’s not activating,” he said. The cascade soon followed. Verizon’s website offered no workable options. Customer service proved an overlong wait–interrupted when my doctor’s office finally returned my call. A virtual trouble-shooter ran […]

Mecurial Magic: a #Quadrille #haibun

“It’s a kind of magic…” Queen Would I were Gandalf, facing the Balrog, crying, “You shall not pass!” Or Merlin, confronting Morgan Le Fey, before Arthur’s doom. Or any mystic, empowered against #Corona. But I am only a poet. My words must be magic enough. raindrops another deep […]