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New Year’s Moments: a #TankaProse

A sushi-combo/Bento-box dinner combo, and then Frank goes out. We watch “In the Heights,” then the NYE shows. Dance to Journey performing live at Times Square. Kiss at midnight. Frank texts, then calls, and we wish each other Happy New Year. after midnight the sudden fireworks amidst falling […]


An ordinary work day: only an hour commute, a Spoken Word poetry lesson, a guest appearance by the Creative Arts Team, another More Writing Monday (on a Tuesday) lesson. The meetings after work meant a Four O’Clock departure. It was already twilight by the time I arrived home. […]


Frank walked off with his friend from home. We called him at least once a week. Sometimes, we’d turn on FaceTime. We laughed at the shenanigans of other parents, and of some of his friends still at home. He made new friends, kept up his studies (We hope!), […]