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A November with Basho, Day 23

Author’s note: I’m afraid that my November with Basho ends today. Unfortunately, due to illness, work demands, and Thanksgiving, I could not keep up. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. Sora, suffering from persistent stomach ailments, was forced to return to his relatives in Nagashima in Ise Province. […]

Thanksgiving Prep '19

Mira and I rise from bed before seven. Twenty-one of our family will arrive for Thanksgiving by one in the afternoon. Brief–and individual–breakfasts precede the first labors. While Mira prepares and begins to cook the turkey, Frank and I bring up tables and chairs. He soon has tablecloths […]

A November with Basho, Day 22

Along the road to Yamanaka Hot Springs, Mount Shirane rose behind our backs. At the foot of a mountain to our left we found a small temple to compassionate Kannon. After the retired Emperor Kazan had made a pilgrimage to the thirty-three western temples, he enshrined an image […]