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Catching Up on Dragon Riding

Did you imagine it would be so easy? As if any fool could do it: seize hold of life itself and ride its highs and lows! What hubris! Any wonder, then, that you’re shattered across the ground? Get up. Catch the next wave. Or the next. Until you… […]


After the last word of the last book of the series: desolation. Even with a greening yard and a young weekend, a despondance at the dirth of story. A whirlwind of “shoulds” impact with the force of a cacophonous greek choir that won’t stop! Sometimes, an aesthetic for […]

Foolish Bodily Inquiries

She asks me how my knees are. It’s a loaded question, and we both know it. She saw me struggle to my feet multiple times last fall. There is the inevitable grunt that follows the creaking of 51-year-old knees that have touched the floor over a 26- year […]