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Arising: a #quadrille #haibun

Sprawled in the mud. A night’s broken sleep. A day’s pressing demands. The cicadas cackle anyway. Leaves still rustle in a passing breeze. Life goes on. Everyone riding dragons gets thrown. The true riders get back up. cool evening a place to make a stand for dVerse Poets’ […]

Sent: A #Quadrille #Haibun

“The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert…” MK 1:12 “Go!” This joyous fullness drives me on. Abba’s luminocity, the descended Ruach-as-dove: now, they’re a driving whirlwind, an inferno. “Go!” I stagger. Stumble. Drop to one knee. Rise up. Continue. To the desert. Where my forty-day fast awaits. […]