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Punchline Kyoka

I parked my life in the middle of the Web, then told everyone, “Get the hell out of my privacy!” Why do we say “No way!” when there is and “Way” when there’s none? Let them rush If they like, then watch them burn walk your own way: […]

Long Day Journeys

A leaf afloat on the river drowning A trombone cry of cold whispering among ripples Jamie Treveal On an Acer keyboard In Suffern typing out a leaf afloat not drowning beyond the current beside an inlet an oak gnarled roots penetrating softened, dampened earth wifies and shorties pull […]

Tai Chi Mind

I. yielding before the onslaught of high tide bearing yin this bow II. grasping fresh soil after the thaw holding yang this lunge III. being atop the peak in the wind beyond bearing and holding this oneness for dVerse Poets MTB: Three Way Split The Pub is open! […]