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#Haikai Challenge #132 (3/28/20) Coronavirus (Covid-19) #haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga

I hope you enjoyed your (hopefully virtual) cherry blossom viewing. Congratulations to last week’s contributors: Haikai Challenge Participants 1. Eugenia2. Susan Zutautas3. Jane Dougherty4. Christine5. joem18b6. Pat R 7. Rhen Laird8. Li/Lisa9. Dave Madden10. Peter11. Kerfe Roig12. Janice 13. Jules14. Jayanth15. Linda Lee Lyberg 16. Frank J. Tassone […]

A Blossoming Hope

An early peak of cherry blossoms in Washington DC this year, and who came to see it? Some did, risking their own health (and that of others’), to witness the blooms. The rest of us see only the photos. Is that enough? Outside my window, a blanket of […]