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A Night of Mid-90’s Nostalgia: a #quadrille #haibun

An unsentimental, staccato trumpet sounds out from a coffee bar jukebox. The click of que-ball against stripe joins the ominous rhythm accompanying the melody line. A milk steamer hisses: a gurgled, high-pitch screech drops in tone. A murmering audience gathers for an Open Mic. Welcome to Caffeine Jones… […]

These Mom Revolutions

Hungry mothers marched toward the Russian captial in Petrograd. They demanded bread, provisions for their sons fighting on the Eastern Front in WWI. Cossocks and local police attempted to turn them back. Some officer ordered young, inexperienced, and under equipped soldiers to fire into the crowd. But when […]

Seeing Broadway

Is it the Broadway we want to see? Bustling theaters, sidewalks filled with tourists that line up with their pre-purchased tickets, the costumed characters harassing visitors for a photo. Is it the Broadway we see? Empty streets and sidewalks, darkened theaters, the cavernous echo of a once bustling […]