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Wind and water

another haikai poet

takes the stage


I am your host, Frank J. Tassone. If you love haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, haiga, renga and other styles of English-language, Japanese-style poetry, you have found the website you have been looking for.

Enjoy my (and others’) current haikai on my blog. Follow links to my published work in Image Curve, Contemporary Haibun Online, Haibun Today, Cattails, Failed Haiku, The Haiku Foundation and My Haiku Pond. Or savor haiku courtesy of my twitter feed. Stay tuned for exciting announcements.

Thank you for coming!

The Journey Begins

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step,” said Lao Tzu.

But he’s dead.

This journey ahead frightens me to my core. Twisting crags, breakneck switchbacks and a legion of thorns and brambles lay on the path. I shudder at every letter as a riot of voices shout down the one that matters most.

The choice is simple. Don’t walk. Then endure the choking frustration of a vocation denied. Walk. Then experience the joy, sorrow and glory of every comedic, tragic and transcendent step and sing it anew.

“Decision made. Whatever happens, happens.”

I step out!

Deep silence—

First handwriting on

A blank page

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  1. Frank, ‘Walk’ at my age has been my choice for a while now. Your ‘deep silence’ haiku hit home for me, except that the ticking of my wall clock never stops reminding me of passing time. Walking in solitude with all senses alert and seeing even the tiniest, insignificant flower or creature is always my way to peace and contentment… and another haiku thought.

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