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Bird song sonata

Before sunrise. Before even the break of day. The first robin begins the overture. Others soon carry the melody. Soon, the sound of their choral arrangement shakes away the last hope of sleeping in. Before sunset. Before even the hint of twilight. The last robin refrains the coda. […]

Mythic Menagerie

The last traces of blue sky shrink away. A mass of moist gray swells in its place. Still, the budding maple leaves on the trees across the street reflect the golden hue of setting sun. For a moment. across this mad inscape purple tigers for dVerse Poets’ Poetics: […]

Necessary Misbehaving

‘I am going to get into a lot of trouble.’ – Raymond Radiguet, Possessed by the Devil, Grasset 1923 As though it could be any other way. As though I have not tried measure after measure. All to encounter a brush-off as tender as a backhand across the face. As though […]

Vernal Epiphany

A stirring. Darkness ripples, and a sharp pain pierces through this enshrouding numbness. The silence once again resumes that tangible quality, the childbirth pangs of language ready to emerge. The black molts into a brightening gray, then bleeds off like ink diluted in water. Images arise, evoking words […]