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Mythic Menagerie

The last traces of blue sky shrink away. A mass of moist gray swells in its place. Still, the budding maple leaves on the trees across the street reflect the golden hue of setting sun. For a moment. across this mad inscape purple tigers for dVerse Poets’ Poetics: […]

Necessary Misbehaving

‘I am going to get into a lot of trouble.’ – Raymond Radiguet, Possessed by the Devil, Grasset 1923 As though it could be any other way. As though I have not tried measure after measure. All to encounter a brush-off as tender as a backhand across the face. As though […]

Vernal Epiphany

A stirring. Darkness ripples, and a sharp pain pierces through this enshrouding numbness. The silence once again resumes that tangible quality, the childbirth pangs of language ready to emerge. The black molts into a brightening gray, then bleeds off like ink diluted in water. Images arise, evoking words […]

A Cold Mountain Hike

Storm King Mountain State park. Snowy trails. A family of four stumble along one. One of two children—a boy of about 12—slips and falls. None of them wear crimpons, micro spikes worn over footwear. Mira and I hike past them, wondering why people hike in winter so unprepared. […]