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The drought continues. What roared through verdant channels now trickles. The lion’s roar is a kitten’s purr. Empty space calls forth a steady blankness. Haiku flow easily enough. Tanka pour out with little difficulty. But haibun? I am William Shakespeare from “Shakespeare in Love,” lying on his apothecary’s […]

Arising: a #quadrille #haibun

Sprawled in the mud. A night’s broken sleep. A day’s pressing demands. The cicadas cackle anyway. Leaves still rustle in a passing breeze. Life goes on. Everyone riding dragons gets thrown. The true riders get back up. cool evening a place to make a stand for dVerse Poets’ […]

Augustal Exhortion: a #haibun

Why should the eighth month not bear my name? Did I not bring peace to the Empire? Is not my reign the inauguration of the Pax Romana? Did I not expand our territory while maintaining the peace? Oh, but some of you cry, “Republic!” Others whisper, “Tyrant!” Is […]