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Sent: A #Quadrille #Haibun

“The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert…” MK 1:12 “Go!” This joyous fullness drives me on. Abba’s luminocity, the descended Ruach-as-dove: now, they’re a driving whirlwind, an inferno. “Go!” I stagger. Stumble. Drop to one knee. Rise up. Continue. To the desert. Where my forty-day fast awaits. […]

Confessions of a Hue: a #haibun

I embody it. Yes, ever-yielding, always giving way: Nonetheless, I conquer. Ask the Appalachia. They towered over Everest once. Until I fell, storm after storm, for aeons. Now, their rounded peaks, bent like geriatric backs, no longer stab the blue above. Ever the softest, yet even the diamond-hard […]