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Story-whispering: a #haibun

There is a story. It eludes my grasp. When I work to shape it’s contours, it soars beyond me. birdsongs the rival for territory continues There is a story. It teases and hints at being told. When I reach for its structure, it crouches back into shadows. traffic […]

Hortus Trinitatis

Lush flora, bathing Eden’s morning air in a delicate aromal song. Dafodils, rhododendrums, a kaleidescope of perennials and annuals: a blissful variety tantalizing sight and smell alike! And yet amidst perfection, an offered temptation to take what is not given. A temptation yielded to, with that all too […]


The canopy of maple leaves bathes in sunlight on the Summer Solstice. Still for a moment, the legion of leaves ripple lie a stadium crowd doing the wave. Despite the abundance of daylight left on this longest of days, afternoon shadows creep across the front yard. The street […]