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Slice of Life: a #haibun (5/13/21)

The warmth of the early afternoon drops to an uncomfortable cool. Numb fingers tap away, while sparrows and robin sing on, indifferent to the chill. Sun-swallowing swarms of cumulus cloud ensure that the cool will remain. Mira and Frank chatted about invitations. He’s finally tending to his upcoming […]

Vernal Ephemera: a #haibun

A year plus since the lockdown, and another Spring teases seasonal change. While the sun radiates the neighborhood, uneclipsed by a single cloud, a chilly breeze blows. The daffodils broke hibernation, with the forsythias following close behind. Nevertheless, a familiar, invernal chill lingers. Tomorrow promises showers; my aching […]

Sent: A #Quadrille #Haibun

“The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert…” MK 1:12 “Go!” This joyous fullness drives me on. Abba’s luminocity, the descended Ruach-as-dove: now, they’re a driving whirlwind, an inferno. “Go!” I stagger. Stumble. Drop to one knee. Rise up. Continue. To the desert. Where my forty-day fast awaits. […]