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Bronx Zoo Visit, 7/16/14

moving dinosaursthe animatronics thatbring battles to lifehis smile when T-Rexdowns triceratops The tiger lies on his side, eyes closed. Another one—the next enclosure over—at least lifts his head. As indifferently as the gorillas at the Congo Rain Forest: eating, gazing empty-eyed toward us, scratching buttocks before climbing trees. […]

Dueling Pestilence

(Cricket. Cricket. Cricket.) Hey, is this thing in? Good. So…I’m still recovering. Turns out I have an upper respiratory infection. Fun. I’ve therefore had a low concentration gradient–and so the lack of posting. At least there’s time to catch up on Game of Thrones. 😆 I hope to […]

Hematologist Follow-up

Another doctor’s office. The same sterile scent and antiseptic odor in the exam room. Light-wood paneling, natural setting, photos on the wall, white Formica countertops. All to find out if my medication has begun to kill me. smiling nurse –the back of her neckshows a tattoo first published […]