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Residual aches. Are they coronal remnants, or Rheumatoidal antecedants? After almost a week, it’s still difficult to tell. Nevertheless, I welcome a flow of returning vitality. Even if it trickles like stream during drought. Even if the chorus of nailbiting thoughts arise with this flow: How the candidate […]


An ordinary work day: only an hour commute, a Spoken Word poetry lesson, a guest appearance by the Creative Arts Team, another More Writing Monday (on a Tuesday) lesson. The meetings after work meant a Four O’Clock departure. It was already twilight by the time I arrived home. […]


Frank walked off with his friend from home. We called him at least once a week. Sometimes, we’d turn on FaceTime. We laughed at the shenanigans of other parents, and of some of his friends still at home. He made new friends, kept up his studies (We hope!), […]