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A Day Out

I sat listening to Haiku Pea in a NY Presbyterian waiting room when she came back. The staff told her they’d contact her when she could schedule her CT scan. Emblem would preauthorize in their own due time, of course. As we exited the outpatient building and crossed […]


The drought continues. What roared through verdant channels now trickles. The lion’s roar is a kitten’s purr. Empty space calls forth a steady blankness. Haiku flow easily enough. Tanka pour out with little difficulty. But haibun? I am William Shakespeare from “Shakespeare in Love,” lying on his apothecary’s […]

Arising: a #quadrille #haibun

Sprawled in the mud. A night’s broken sleep. A day’s pressing demands. The cicadas cackle anyway. Leaves still rustle in a passing breeze. Life goes on. Everyone riding dragons gets thrown. The true riders get back up. cool evening a place to make a stand for dVerse Poets’ […]

Augustal Exhortion: a #haibun

Why should the eighth month not bear my name? Did I not bring peace to the Empire? Is not my reign the inauguration of the Pax Romana? Did I not expand our territory while maintaining the peace? Oh, but some of you cry, “Republic!” Others whisper, “Tyrant!” Is […]