Tag: Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads

Ephemeral Eternities: a #TankaProse

How an aroma of a scarlet petal contains the rapture of joy. How a single prick of thorn holds the agony of pain. How fleeting, even when cared for. How enduring in memory, when gone. How Shakespeare denigrates it through Juliet’s “What’s in a name…” How Stephen King […]

Balance: a #TankaProse

Stark images. Virulent quotes. Intensities of expression across social media platforms and lunch tables alike. A jaded comment sits on a Facebook post. A sharp retort forms, a reaction in the making. All of the agitation, and yet the problems remain. A clear sky. Heavy humidity from the […]

Adieu, ye Midsummer’s Day! (a #haibun)

Daylight yields to darkness in the twilight. It’s nine o’clock in “New York’s backyard,” but still some light remains. Even if it dwindles. The first–and longest–day of summer thus makes way for the first–and shortest–night of this season. Already the temperature drops, as though Autumn can’t wait to […]