Weathering Storms: my latest .@ImageCurve #TBT #haibun

A cool breeze rustles the topmost leaves in the backyard. It spreads the white and gray cumulus clouds that enshroud the sky in a mass of growing darkness. It feels so much cooler than yesterday. I sit on the chaise as Mira prepares an early dinner and Frankie does whatever he wants.

The crease on my brow from the early morning headache remains. The subtle ache in my back carries the trace of self-doubting accusations that echo within: “You can’t. You’re a failure. You’re shameful.” I keep my seat, unresponsive to them. While the thunder I keep expecting doesn’t come.

of a passing jet …
rainless sky

Photo by Oscar Söderlund

first published in Image Curve, 3/21/19

for Real Toads Tuesday Platform (imagined by Anmol (HA))

and dVerse Poets’ OLN #239 (pubtended by Kim Russell)


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  1. That subtle ache is something we fight on a daily basis that literally yells insults at us .. but no matter we turn the other cheek and carry on. That’s how awesome we are! ❤️ Poignant write, Frank 😀

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