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Desperate Times: a #quadrille #haibun

The commute begins. Cruising 65-70 miles-per-hour, I pass two exits. Then tail-lights appear. Stop-and-go traffic crawls. Pressure mounts. Cruising speed across the bridge. Then a parkway, with more bumper-to-bumper traffic. Pressure reaches critical. parking space making it to the bathroom in the nick of time for dVerse Poets’ […]

Unrestricted Aces: a #Quadrille #haibun

Unclassified, one Ace learns English. Another Ace’s fastball dropped me in the dunk tank during least year’s field day. Yet another Ace may claim my lucky “four.” I, their trump ace. All in the least restrictive environment. last bell the crowded cell phone lines for dVerse Poets’ Quadrille […]