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A Troll’s Lament

Always, the bad rap! Do you see the neck chain the orcs fastened? Did I shout for joy as they collared me? Could I count on you to free me? No. Skewar, more’s like. But I’m the bad guy! scapegoat blood on our hands for dVerse Poets’ Quadrille […]


Mardi Gras arrives again. The revelers gather to embrace the excess that precedes the abstinance. There is a time to feast and a time to fast. But there are no parades for us: no thrown beads, no expositions, no chanting crowds of tourists. Our celebration is a simple […]

Hypothetical Enigmas

A single leaf flutters across the neighbor’s yard. I see it through the reflection in the mirror facing me–the one that reveals the view through the bay window of my office. The breeze that set that leaf fluttering ceases. All is calm, but not bright as the dimming […]