A Cowardly Lion’s Soliloquy



The world is a beautiful place…when you have courage. When you don’t…not so much.


I would know. I balled like a baby when Dorothy smacked me right in the kisser. Imagine! A King of the Jungle sopping the ground with his own sobs. Those were days when I saw no beauty anywhere. I jumped out of my own skin at the sight of my own shadow!


Oh, what a burden fear is!


And did fear weigh me down, until I made a choice to be brave!





Imagine how beautiful the world is then!


“courage is

it’s own reward”

breaking dawn



for dVerse Poets’  Poetics: Because, Because, Because (pubtended by Mish)


Poets United Midweek Motif ~ The World Is A Beautiful Place (posted by Sumana)










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