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Merry Christmas

#Haiku Happenings #6: The Other Bunny presents a #haibun by Johannes Bjerg!

the other bunny

Not sure I will able to – or whether it makes any sense – update this on-going journal for the remainder of 2017, I wish every reader and submitter of works a merry Christmas and a happy New Year or whatever you celebrate. Without you, generous writers, this journal wouldn’t exist; and that’s the truth for every journal. Thank you again, all, for sending me your works and letting me bring your goodies forth for the world to read!!!

And then I’m gonna use the ed’s prerogative and publish one of my own 😉

The Birdmaker

It was another cold day and the Birdmaker put down the peregrine falcon he was working on. With the fourth he massaged three of his hands trying to get some warmth into them when the Windmaker came in causing a whirlwind of feathers. It was winter and no one could say whether it was…

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