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#Haiku Happenings #6: Lady Nyo’s latest “few haiku and (#tanka)” !

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My beautiful picture Madame Carriere climbed up the second story window but alas!  Was cut back.  In a few years she  grew 20×20 feet.  Amazing rose.  Have replaced her with another one.

Because I am so cold, I thought a few springish haiku and tanka would take my mind off Winter.  It’s not working.


Dogwoods are blooming
The crucifixion appears
White moths in the night.

(Dogwoods are a Southern tree here in the South.  White blooms
having the form of the Christian Cross, with nail heads.  They bloom in the spring  right before Easter. They are a symbol of Christianity in Nature.)

Under the dark moon

I awaited your return

Only shadows came.

The moon, a ghostly

Sliver, sails on a jet sea

Wild dogs howl beneath.

A woman in bed

Kimono revealing breast

Snow on Mt. Fuji

Tibetan earthworms

Bring a halt to all…

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