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#Haiku Happenings #10: Miriam Sagan’s teapot haiku geocache!

Miriam's Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond

At Kura Studio in Japan, Isabel and I did a Teapot Haiku geocache along with our silo installation. Each visitor was handed a colorful piece of suminagashi with gps co-ordinates on it. This led to a lovely garden in the back of the complex. We were very grateful to the owner for permission to use it.

There were five tiny tea pots placed on the site. Why five? Because the 100 Yen store, a few train stations away, only had five. In each teapot was a “hot drink” haiku written by me and transcribed by Isabel on to a small scroll of suminagashi.

Coming of Age Day
bright rented kimonos

after the storm—
revising my poem—
kettle steam

coins in shrine box
coins in vending machine
hot latte

green tea—
for a moment
I’m only here

just a tiny spoon,
still take more than my
sugar lump share


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